The Workspace

by Jill Peters

We live in a pretty small house. It’s perfect for us, but small.  There isn’t a man cave, or a craft room.  Just the 3 bedrooms we need, a kitchen, a family room, a couple of bathrooms, and what we call the “old living room”.  It is in this “old living room” that I make my workspace. 

It’s comfortable.  There’s an old couch in there where my partner/french bulldog spends her day.  There’s an industrial sewing machine in there that my daughter gave me from her business, Common Fibers.  It’s a must for sewing multiple layers of leather.  And then there is an old potting bench that my dad made for me several years ago.  It is here that I spend my time.

My dad was a builder.  And he could figure things out…rig something up.  We used to call him MacGyver. He made a few of these potting benches in his garage.  We initially used it for that purpose, but then moved it to the back of the yard and it collected pine needles and cones. 

I have a lot of “stuff” I use in making my jewelry and leather bags.  I started with a tool box for storing my “stuff”.  Then moved to a bigger tool box.  And then a tool box and a tackle box.  And multiple bins.  And then I remembered that potting bench at the back of the yard and decided it was time to bring it into the “old living room”.

I hosed it down, sprayed it with moss killer and bleach, scrubbed it and scrubbed it until it was like new again.  I left it to dry in the sun and then brought it into the house.  I loaded all my “stuff” onto it and I love how it looks, how it functions and how it makes me feel when I sit at it.  I love that my dad made it.

My dad had a stroke about 8 years ago.  It left him pretty much confined to a chair.  He can’t build anything anymore.  Or MacGyver.  But when I sit at that potting bench he built, I admire his attention to detail.  I admire how well the pieces of wood he cut fit perfectly together.  I admire the design and the thought that he put into making it.  And I try to put those same things into the leather bags and jewelry I make.

I think it’s important to find a place like this…a place to go to feed your soul. 

Be inspired and encouraged.

Enjoy your day.