• What's In a Name

    “Sweet Butter” is the expression I use about something amazing, or wonderful, or exciting.
  • The Workspace

    My dad had a stroke about 8 years ago.  It left him pretty much confined to a chair.  He can’t build anything anymore.  Or MacGyver.  But when I sit at that potting bench he built, I admire his attention to detail.  I admire how well the pieces of wood he cut fit perfectly together.  I admire the design and the thought that he put into making it.  And I try to put those same things into the leather bags and jewelry I make.
  • The Feel of It

    When I walked through the door the first time, I’m sure I heard angels singing.  It smelled wonderful, but the best thing about it was the opportunity to “feel of it”. 
  • Love and Laughter

    I think adjusting is a good thing as you get older.  So is trying new things.  Or continuing to do something you used to do. But what matters the most is being out there together, enjoying each other’s company, encouraging each other.  And laughing.  I can’t get enough of that.  It’s a great thing to know that you can’t get enough of the people you love.
  • Social Media

    It’s important to have people around you that you can learn from.  People who don’t mind telling you the same thing repeatedly.  And it’s really important to be willing to try.
  • You Can't Judge a Person by Their Handbag

    I used to notice people’s hair back when I was trying to figure out what my hairstyle would be.  But for quite some time, I now look at the purse or bag someone is carrying.  I judge the proverbial book not by the cover but by the handbag.
  • The Coffee Table

    It’s way more fun to work together, encourage others and be encouraged by others than to get frustrated and give up.