A Difficult Thing

by Jill Peters

My daughter and her husband own a carbon fiber business called Common Fibers.  They are both engineers from Cal Poly...one is a materials engineer and the other a mechanical engineer.  They are smart, driven, creative and what they don't know, they figure out.  They started out making carbon fiber wallets to showcase their patented carbon fiber hinge.  From there, they've done all kinds of things with carbon fiber.  It's always fun to see what they are working on and to watch their business grow.  Customers come to them and ask, "Can you do this out of carbon fiber?" and they can and they do.  

 It's a difficult thing to do, making a line products.  Each product needs to be special and unique, yet there needs to be some cohesion within the whole line.  I didn't go to school for this...I'm learning along the way.  But craftsmanship is in my blood and there are a lot of ways to learn the art and science of working with leather.  My product development consists of Google, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube...and a lot of years and dollars spent on purses and bags. There are a lot of handmade leather bags out there.  But what I have recently discovered is that there are not so many leather and carbon fiber bags.  

 So, Sweet Butter Leather Goods is teaming up with Common Fibers to bring beautifully handcrafted leather and carbon fiber tote bags, messenger bags, crossbody bags and clutches to the world.  We have been developing these products over the last several months and are close to launching them.  It takes a long time to get all of the details worked out...as they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression.  But we are getting there and are really excited about what's to come.